Process automation

… is the key to credit union success… not trying to compete with high-street banks

At cuForms, we don’t think UK credit unions need to compete with high-street banks to become sustainable… we think the biggest barrier to balancing our books is the heavy cost of the manual processes that continue to dominate our offices.

That’s why we’ve created a low-cost, easy to use and flexible cloud-based automation platform for credit unions.

Moneywise, the credit union behind cuForms, doesn’t believe it makes sense for us to burden our members with the cost of a big banking platform… we don’t think our members want current accounts from us, and we don’t think we can afford to service current accounts.

But we do believe in getting our forms and processes online… allowing us to grow our credit union without taking on more staff. It used to take us about a week to process a new member loan application from start to finish… now we can do it in less than a day. And very soon, we’ll be able to process the most straightforward loans in about 15 minutes, with no staff intervention at all.

We’d like to hear from other credit unions about the challenges you face… and if we can, we’d like to help!


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